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Iowa State University - Wrestling

Wrestling Camps Hosted by Kevin Jackson

Iowa State Arizona Technique Camp

Wrestling Camps Hosted by Kevin Jackson

Iowa State Technique & Youth Technique Camps
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Iowa State Wrestling Camps

Ames, Iowa

Summer 2015 Camp Dates
World Class Intensive Training Camp
9 Days June 22 - 30
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Team Camp
Team Camp
4 Days June 27 - 30
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Technique & Youth Technique Camp
Technique Camps
4 Days July 27-31

What was your favorite thing about camp?

"I loved having the opportunity to learn from the best wrestlers. Being able to get encouragement and advice from Coach Jackson, an Olympian, was amazing."

- Samuel W.

"It was great to be able to talk with the counselors and ISU Wrestlers. I really felt like I was given individual attention."

- Mike H.

"My favorite thing about camp was the massive amount of technique and opportunity to learn and train with the best athletes and coaches in the country."

- Ashkan M.